December 9, 2005

Google decided to add RSS feeds to their GMail service a couple of days ago, which appeared to be annoying at first, but I’ve got used to them. Google has coined them ‘web clips’.

That said, I didn’t like most of the web clips that were being shown and quickly customized the selection of RSS feeds for my taste. Clicking on the ‘Spam’ folder is amusing as it pulls up a new recipe involving spam (yes, the other type). It’s nice to get the latest news and Slashdot headlines without surfing over to Slashdot every couple of hours now :-)

On the downside, GMail has become slooooower now, presumely as a result of downloading RSS content alongside regular e-mail content. I sure miss the early days of GMail when it was snappy.

Thankfully, you can shut off the web clip functionality if it distracts you too much :-)

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