And there was one…

I took my second turbo slug offline last night after migrating the MySQL database to the main turbo slug.

After much trial and error, I managed to figure out a way to run Apache 2.0.54 + PHP 5.0.4 + eAccelerator 0.9.2 + MySQL 4.1 on one of my turbo slugs efficiently.

Running on a 32 MB embedded device at 266 MHz, with next to no disk swapping and consuming a little over 10 watts of electricity.

Very efficient. Enough to make BC Hydro proud — “Power Smart” lol :)

If you wander over to Ebay quickly, you’ll probably see my second turbo slug up for auction, alongside the 40 GB USB 2.0 drive that once housed the MySQL server :)

Now, go bid and win!

Firmware upgrade woes…

I have a LG combo DVD-ROM and CD writer at work, along with a LG DVD-RAM drive.

I happened to find newer firmwares for both, so I proceeded to download and install them.

After the reboot, I saw an unexpected message to the tune of ‘Windows has detected significant changes to your hardware configuration since you first installed Windows XP. You have 3 days to re-activate Windows.’

Microsoft: Does a simple firmware upgrade constitute a significant hardware upgrade?? I think not.

The Ultimate Geek Car..

The title says it all.

Lots of goodies in the new flagship 2007 Mercedes S-Class: automated acceleration and braking, a night-vision display, among others. Those features take the fun out of driving, but they also add considerable safety benefits during night driving.

I wonder how long it’ll be until other manufacturers add such features to their production vehicles (Infiniti: hint hint).

Apple switches to Intel..

Apple has begun production of new products featuring the Intel Core Duo (what kind of name is that?) processor.

By the end of 2007, all new Apple desktop and notebooks will be running on Intel processors. That’s good news for me and many others. I’ve been contemplating on purchasing an Apple iBook for awhile now, and this news definitely makes my decision a lot easier :)

Steve Jobs stated that the move was brought on by Intel’s faster and cooler running chips. It looks like Apple is already showcasing their first Intel-based notebook. Comparatively speaking, the performance of the Intel Core Duo is decent relative to the Pentium M processor; the processor that the Intel Core Duo replaces.

Palm TX or Axim X51v..

First of all, Happy New Year everyone.

After months of debating between the Palm TX and the Dell Axim X51v, I took the plunge and went with the Palm TX. The major deciding factor: price.

I was initially skeptical in purchasing the Palm TX, due in part to Access Japan purchasing Palm a few months ago. With the release of the Treo 700w, Palm may be shifting all newer products to the Windows Mobile operating system. After crashing a display model running the Windows Mobile operating system, I decided the frustration wouldn’t be worth it and I would be better off sticking with something more reliable — the Palm TX. The Palm TX marks the second Palm I’ve purchased since I purchased my Palm IIIxe in late 2000. A worthwhile upgrade, in my opinion :)

So, why the Palm TX? I needed something reliable — not something I’d have to soft reset everyday. The Palm TX features 128 MB of NVRAM, which means the Palm doesn’t lose any of your data even if the batteries are completely drained. The Dell Axim X51 series also upgraded to NVRAM, along with the advent of the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system (which has not proven to be stable — at least during my testing). Another deciding factor was the included WiFi and Bluetooth functionality. It’s about time Palm offered built-in WiFi, instead of forcing consumers into purchasing the fragile SDIO WiFi cards (occupying the only available SD slot). Now, I can surf the Internet and also listen to MP3’s by means of a 1 GB SD storage card ($63 CDN at!). Another deciding factor was the sleek, black Tungsten-style body of the Palm TX and the large screen. I can finally SSH to work without pulling out my notebook, should I ever need to :) The cons — no cradle included.

On a side note, don’t you just love technology — you purchase something, only to purchase additional accessories for it down the road. A $330 Palm TX is pricey as it is, and then you are prompted to buy a better carrying case for it and also expand the available storage, adding another $100 to the price tag 😉 Economics in action — supply and demand :) I’m careful not to spend too much on technology these days, as most technological items these days are disposable assets (well, not all.. thanks in part to Ebay) :)

In other news, I finished reading The Broker last night. It was a good read, but I didn’t like it as much as the other John Grisham title I read — The Firm. I’ve started another John Grisham title (my wife chose it for me) — The Last Juror.