Winter tire research..

I’ve been doing some winter tire research for my Infiniti G35 coupe.

From everyone I’ve talked to, going from high performance Michelin Pilot Sport tires to Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires is not a good idea on the G35. I was essentially told that the car would slide around as if it were on ice skates (even at 4300 pounds curb weight!). Hmm, I’m not sure if I buy that, but being a RWD car (albeit with vehicle dynamics control), I do believe it up to an extent especially with the amount of power the engine is producing with various engine modifications.

OK, so Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires are out of the question, especially if it does happen to snow up here. I also don’t want to waste money on tires, especially when they cost upwards of $400 to $450 per tire. Speaking of which, the stock rims on the Infiniti G35 Coupe (performance pkg.) run for $1000 a piece! I had one rim refinished a few months ago, at a cost of… get this: $313! I tried to repair the minor curb rash I spotted myself, but couldn’t find the correct paint color. The paint was what drove up the price of the refinishing job — $275 an OUNCE for the euro chrome paint used on the Infiniti G35 wheels. It’s a lead-based triple-layer paint that’s imported from Europe — shines three different colors, depending on the angle you look at the wheels from. Anyways, enough of that story.

My friend at a local car shop said the Michelin’s were out of the question (as mentioned), as were Pirelli’s and Toyo’s. I considered the Bridgestone Blizzak LM-22‘s and LM-25‘s, but they don’t make the required sizes I need for the front and back wheel configurations — resulting in differing tread patterns (bad). It appears that the Dunlop Winter Sport M3‘s are the only decent winter tires I can get for my car. Another option would be running the Blizzak LM-22’s front and back, since the LM-25’s don’t come in a 245 configuration. Either way, I’m looking at $445 for each front tire and $450 for each rear tire :-( Quite pricey. I’ll do some more research and see if I can find a better set (and price) :)

I trusted my instinct and went with the Michelin Pilot A/S tires to replace the rear tires! I don’t have any regrets about my decision. The new tires perform well and provide more dry/wet traction. Ride quality is still the same. All at $421 per tire :-)

Another slug online…

My second slug finally arrived yesterday from Bermuda. I purchased it off Ebay for $60 USD, saving me about $39 CDN from purchasing it brand-new. I flashed the Unslung 5.5 beta firmware onto it, followed by a simple 5-minute overclock by removing a resistor on the mainboard.

MySQL 4.11 has been relocated to the second turbo slug to free up some RAM on the main slug. If this blog seems slower to load — the extra overhead imposed by the main slug accessing the second slug is to blame 😛

I just purchased TwonkyMedia 2.9.1 ($22 CDN) so that I can stream my music and music video collection to my other systems. Since the second turbo slug is just running MySQL 4.11, OpenSSH and Samba, I think I’ll be able to squeeze a few more CPU cycles out of it to stream some music :)