Now Running Ubuntu Server 7.10

I got a little ahead of myself today and decided to upgrade to the latest release of Ubuntu. On the release date, no less.

I shelled into my server remotely and executed the required upgrade command (one-liner: sudo apt-get install update-manager-core && sudo do-release-upgrade). The new installer detects if you are running it via a SSH session and automatically spawns a “backup” SSH session on port 9004. The reason for this is if the main SSH connection disconnects, you can continue by using the backup session on port 9004. A very good move, in my opinion. Someone must have been reading my blog 😉

The download process took a little over 2.5 hours, at a pathetic 22 KB/s. An overloaded US Ubuntu server was to blame, but was expected. I normally receive updates from the Ubuntu server at over 600 KB/s. That tells you how overloaded their server was.

The installation itself went smoothly, but for some odd reason ntp was removed upon installation. A quick Google search proved that there were problems with the ntp daemon and client. Again, a recompile of eAccelerator was necessary due to the new PHP version included with Ubuntu 7.10: PHP 5.3.2.

I’ll update this blog post once the ntp issue has been resolved.


Running sudo apt-get install ntp installs the ntp daemon again.