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September 20, 2006

Once I had Ubuntu Server 6.06.1 installed on my new web server, I quickly realized it needed several changes before I could put it online. Hence, this is the first installment in a series of blog entries to help others configure their systems. If you installed from a CD-ROM and have a working network connection […]

September 12, 2006

My web server was down for most of yesterday, for reasons out of my control. I shelled in only to see one error message upon restarting the Apache web service: Segmentation fault. I checked the last few lines of Apache’s error_log only to see many more errors related to the same problem. It’s one of […]

September 10, 2006

Last weekend, I decided to test the memory performance of my ASRock 775Dual-VSTA motherboard paired with the Mushkin EM2 1 GB DDR2-667 memory kit. Specifically, I was eager to determine the maximum memory bandwidth I could attain using DDR2-553 memory timings (4-4-4-12 stock), while acknowledging that the ASRock 775Dual-VSTA performs poorly with the standard DDR2-667 […]