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November 30, 2006

As I was pulling into our parking lot at work this morning, I noticed a hint of something poking out of the snow-covered ground near my parking spot. I stopped short of the snow-covered object, got out of the car and retrieved it. It was a little dirty and damp, but no one had driven […]

November 28, 2006

I decided to drive a FWD car to work today. It didn’t help much. Roads were still slippery today, especially intersections. Black ice was plentiful. The smell of burnt rubber was in the air. I didn’t see a single snow plow during my commute this morning and this evening. The local paper reported that the […]

November 17, 2006

On Wednesday afternoon, western BC was hit with a powerful storm that knocked out power to over 100,000 households and businesses. We were one of them. Thankfully, our utility power was restored almost 21 hours after it was cut on Wednesday afternoon (12:20 PM in my system logs), but that left us with no heat […]

November 3, 2006

I mentioned that statement at work a couple of months ago. A co-worker looked up and said, “Please don’t say that.” Well, it’s true. With the recent housing boom in Abbotsford, we’ve had explosive population growth. With people come vehicles. With vehicles come traffic. With traffic comes congestion. Congestion leads to frustrated drivers. Frustrated drivers […]